Willem Hoek

Accountability (RACI) vs Decision making (RAPID); Waterfall vs Agile?

Jan 06, 2020

Francisco Goya, Fight with Cudgels (Spanish: _Duelo a garrotazos_), c. 1820–1823




Responsible - do the work
Accountable - mandatory role. Single person
Consulted - two-way communication required
Informed - one-way communication ok. Typically after key milestones

Pros (+)

Cons (-)



Recommend - propose a coursse of action
Agree - or peer review
Perform - do the work, similar to ‘R’ in RACI
Input - provide input. Might be used or not. Similer to ‘C’ in RACI
Decide - single person only.

Typical lifecycle / steps

Get Input -> Agree & Recommend the solution -> Decide -> Perform (Do) 

Pros (+)

Cons (-)


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